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Make the Sex, Be Healthy!

Make the Sex, Be Healthy! Yes, that title was inspired by Borat.  Can you imagine it?  The accent and all the ...

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Don’t Be a Douchebag: Mother’s Day Addition

Don’t Be a Douchebag:  Where to Touch Girls Some of you actually want to be deemed “the ...

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I was born into the wrong country

Unlike most harried men in many other countries around this time each year, Korean men don’t have to worry ...

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Tomorrow is national blow job day. Tell me how you plan on celebrating this day?  Any creative thoughts? ...

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END OF THE WORLD… The world should be ending soon. Any minute. Zombies should start to appearing out of ...

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Interview with Dom January Seraph

          January Seraph, 29, travels the world designing kinky experiences for sub- ...

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Marriage – What A Joke And A Waste Of Time

    So let’s talk about this whole idea of “Marriage” and what it means. The dictionary defines it ...

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Halloween – A Time When Whores Dress Like Sluts

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER Halloween came and so did all of the whoreish costumes. I wouldn’t be doing my part in ...

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